Audiocare Hearing Services, Glens Falls NYAt Audiocare, we're committed to providing you with the best hearing help available. That's why we offer a 45-day satisfaction guarantee on all new fittings. If within 45 days of delivery you are not satisfied with the fit, appearance, or performance of your new hearing instruments, you can return them to us for a refund. Please call us for details.

With our exclusive EarQ Plus Plan, your hearing instrument purchase is complete.

Quality service is important to ensure the best performance from your hearing instruments. Audiocare offers our EarQ Plus Plan, which provides the following at no additional cost:

Audiocare Hearing Services, Glens Falls NY
  • All cleanings for four years included
  • All adjustments for four years included
  • Annual hearing rechecks and hearing aid checkups included
  • All batteries for four years included
  • A Four Year Warranty included
  • First-year loss and damage coverage included

Other services and products we offer include:

  • Featuring the advanced EarQ line of intelligent hearing devices as well as Oticon, Siemens, Starkey, GN ReSound, Widex and other major brands
  • Programmable digital hearing aids in a variety of technologies, models and styles, including virtually-invisible mini completely-in-the-canal models and popular receiver-in-the-ear styles
  • Repairs and service on all makes and models
  • Hearing instrument vacuum deep cleaning
  • Custom earmolds, swim plugs and hearing protectors
  • Fresh batteries and other hearing instrument accessories
  • Personal assistive listening devices such as amplified telephones, tv listening systems and personal amplifiers
Audiocare Hearing Services, Glens Falls NY